Prometheus Esoterica

Known as Orlando’s weirdest coffee shop, Prometheus Esoterica is also the coolest place to shop for Halloween! We stopped by the week that they decorated for the season and were blown away by how much this hidden gem has to offer.

Prometheus Esoterica Entrance

Oddities and Wares

Prometheus Esoterica is open all year long selling books, oddities, and many other “strange” wares. The oddity shelves were so much fun to browse through. It was neat to know that if you love any of these quirky goods, you can also purchase them to bring home! Some of the items I saw were skulls from various creatures and jars with preserved animals inside.

Animals Skulls
Jars with small creatures inside

There were also vintage pieces that I’ve read about but never seen in person before like tools that they used to use for “bloodletting”! Bloodletting was a practice in which doctors would let patients bleed to essentially let out the sickness inside, we definitely don’t do this anymore!

Prometheus Esoterica Oddities
Prometheus Esoterica Books

This is also a great time to talk about the staff here, because they were all so friendly. I truly cannot say enough good things about their customer service and how kind they were to just chat with me as I shopped. One of the women told me about a piece in the oddities cabinet that was made from actual human hair! She explained to me that in Victorian times, men would make a fastener for their pocket watches out of their wives’ hair, and they had several in the shop to see!

Coffee Shop of Horrors

All year long they also sell coffee and tea from a brand called Coffee Shop of Horrors. They have cups of coffee and tea available to sip on while you shop, or you can buy a bag to take home. I was really intrigued by the tea, because there were so many autumn inspired flavors to look through. The gentleman behind the counter also explained to me that they had canisters of the teas available to smell if I wanted to sample a particular variety! They also have water, and pumpkin flavored soda for beverages, and chocolate covered Oreos!

Prometheus Esoterica - Coffee Shop of Horrors Drinks

Halloween Items

Every year they host an “Open House” the week that they release their Halloween items onto their shelves. I coincidentally visited when this was happening and it was so much fun!

Ghost Pillow
Halloween Headbands

There were raffles and a ton of people shopping, and it was the chance to get first dibs on their seasonal items! I can’t even describe how many different Halloween wares they have. Among the items I found were pins, stickers, dresses, shirts, bags, hats, decorations, and even hair dye!

Various Halloween Items
Various Halloween Items

I took home some Halloween themed bath bombs, a Beetlejuice shirt, and a ghost headband to wear to Halloween Horror Nights! They also have cool decorations in the store to pose with for photos like a skeleton and a coffin!


For festive Halloween wares, deliciously villainous coffee and tea, and incredibly unique oddities, visit Prometheus Esoterica! This shop in Winter Park is such a fun place to visit all year long but especially this fall. If you buy a vintage item, a ghost may even follow you home!

Winter Park

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