Tako Cat & Cool Kats Club
by Marissa Potts

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, have I got the place for you! Downtown Orlando is home to a hidden speakeasy called the Cool Kats Club which ends at a delicious taco shop. Check out Taco Kat & the Cool Kats Club for late night tacos and tequila beverages.

Where is it?

If you look up Taco Kat on Google maps, you’ll probably find the entrance to Taco Kat really easily. This is the area with the tacos, quesadillas, and other Mexican foods like queso and guacamole. In here, you’ll find the vending machine which is actually the exit of the Cool Kats Club speakeasy.

To find the speakeasy, you’ll just walk around the corner and find the entrance right next to Ann Teague’s. It’s hard to miss with the bright lights guiding the way and bouncers inside ready to check your ID and bags. Once you make it in, you’ll step foot into a freezer and meow! You’ve made it to the Cool Kats Club!

Taco Kat

We went to Taco Kat first and this is an incredible place to get authentic Mexican food in Downtown. Taco Kat is home to the sonora wheat taco, which is a traditional wheat made by Native Americans specifically from California and Arizona. Everything we tried was delicious, from my pinto bean quesadilla to my husband’s carne asada tacos.

You could also get cocktails here like margaritas and sodas like Jarritos. Definitely choose where you sit wisely! If you sit close by the vending machine, be prepared for people to continually walk out from the speakeasy inside.

Cool Kats Club

I love finding Speakeasies in Orlando and the Cool Kats Club was meownificant. The atmosphere here is definitely more like a club with loud music, fun bartenders, and tables reserved for those enjoying bottle service. Drinks here were pretty much all tequila based, like palomas with grapefruit or margaritas. I got the Agua Fresca which had watermelon and lime in it and was super tasty and fresh!

I also loved all of the little details all around in here like the blue lights which made it feel like you were still in the freezer! My favorite little detail was the “Litter Box” sign over the restrooms. Everyone here was incredibly friendly and it was such a good time! My little Cuban heart also got extra happy when I walked through a giant wall of Jarritos to get out of the bar.


Whether you’re looking for a late night snack or a good time with some margaritas, Taco Kat/ Cool Kats Club has you covered. With fresh avocatto for your guacamole, and meowtinis served up fresh, this is a place I purrsonally love!

Downtown Orlando

Looking for a place in Orlando that’s full of fun, events, and local restaurants and bars? Downtown Orlando is the place to be for people who love going out, having fun things to do 24/7, and also want to be close to the theme parks and UCF. In Eola Heights or Thornton Park, you can have the best of both worlds with homes on brick roads that offer privacy while still keeping you close to the action. If you also love an active lifestyle or spending time outside, Lake Eola has walking trails and a Farmer’s Market that the whole family will enjoy. Curious about homes in Downtown?

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