Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory

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Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory

Located in Kissimmee is a truly magical place that can freeze your ice cream in front of you, in less than a minute! Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory is a fun place to go for ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, foods like pizza and hot dogs, as well as bounce houses, arcade games, and more!

Liquid Nitrogen + Ice Cream

There are a lot of great places to get ice cream in Orlando. However, what makes Abracadabra truly unique is their process of making their ice cream, as well as the variety of flavors they have to offer. According to their website, using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream flash freezes it within seconds at temperatures that can reach 328 degrees below zero! What is so unique about this is that you can put any of their toppings in that you like before they freeze it. You also get to watch the fun experience of freezing your unique ice cream treat to perfection.

While they have a long list of toppings you can choose from to create your own treat, they also have a list of suggested ice cream flavors. There are so many delicious ones to choose from! Personally, I love the Midnight Cravings suggestion, with cookie dough, nutella, and oreos. I also add peanut butter to further the deliciousness one step further.

Other unique flavors are the Godfather, which has cheesecake, chocolate chips, and graham crackers, and the Carebear served with blue raspberry, cotton candy, and gummy bears. Every month Abracadabra also serves up new seasonally inspired flavors, so the possibilities are always endless!

Other Bites

If you’re feeling a little more peckish than just ice cream, Abracadabra also serves up pizza, hot dogs, wings, and more! For pizzas, you can choose flavors they already have available, or create your own with the wide range of toppings they have on hand. If you just need a little snack, they also have french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and more to enjoy.

Images by Abracadabra Ice Cream

After You Order…

Kids will love the bounce house area behind the Ice Cream Factory, and with any purchase of food or ice cream kids can play for up to an hour in the bounce houses free of charge. There are also an assortment of arcade games available to play inside of the Factory for both kids and adults alike.


For delicious ice cream, yummy food, and a really fun time, check out Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory in Kissimmee. With new flavors coming out every month, and so many toppings to  choose from, there are so many possibilities to try! Be sure to also check them out on their Instagram. And remember, even if you’ve already had your first ice cream today, you could stop by Abracadabra and have your second-dairy!

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