Bacon Bitch

by Yasmene Warren

As Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” booms through the speakers at Orlando’s “Bacon Bitch,” Alyssa J., 19, approaches the table exclaiming, “Hey bitches!” Being called a “bitch” by your server certainly isn’t at the top of your list of quality customer service, but at Bacon Bitch, it’s the highest form of compliment you can receive.

Where is it?

On Aug. 26, Orlando became home to the Bacon Bitch franchise’s fourth restaurant in Florida. Originating in Miami, Bacon Bitch is a classic American breakfast and brunch place that has been dedicated to proving that breakfast doesn’t have to be “boring” since 2017.

Bacon Bitch lies on the east side of Orlando just less than a mile away from the University of Central Florida, so you “charge on” over for a little bit of unwinding after that 8 a.m. class! And while you’re there, feel free to post up under one of Bacon Bitch’s many bright, neon green signs reading quotes that’ll really make you feel like a “bad bitch.”

What’s on the Menu?

Bacon Bitch offers a variety of modern twists on classic American breakfast dishes. Its menu has three sections: “Main Bitch,” “Naked Bitch,” and “Little Bitches.”

All food items on the “Main Bitch” section of the menu are served on freshly baked croissants with pasture-raised eggs and bacon. The “Naked Bitch” section offers more variety with dishes ranging from classic chicken and waffles with a side of bacon and a sunny side up egg to the “curvy” dish, which consists of an open-face croissant, smashed avocado, smoked salmon, a sunny side up egg and hollandaise sauce.

For our vegans out there, Bacon Bitch has a dish that serves spiced impossible beef, sauteéd cabbage, peppers and onions, and potatoes.

As for the “Little Bitches,” also known as the kid’s menu, there are three dish options with eggs, cheese, bacon and more served in a “fluffy,” which are Bacon Bitch’s mini pancakes.

The Music, The Atmosphere, and More

Bacon Bitch is more than just a tasty eatery. It serves as the hot spot for all the “best bitches” to come together and jam out. The music is so loud, you’ll feel like you’re in a club — except without the going home in the dark at 2 a.m., tired and confused!

Whether you want to sit indoors or outdoors, Bacon Bitch has the scenery that’ll set the vibe just right. Inside the restaurant lies a bar with ample tables and booths surrounding it. The walls are lined with greenery, neon signs, and mirrors engraved with words to remind you to always be a “bad bitch!”

Alyssa J., who’s a server at Bacon Bitch, said her favorite thing about working at the restaurant is the fun environment that she comes into every day.

“I actually, like, look forward into going to work every day, especially my co-worker relationships with all these girls here,” she said. “It’s really hard to find, like, a job that you’re really close to your co-workers … I’ve never really found a job where it’s like that.”



Bacon Bitch’s mission is to “bring all bitches together,” and you can help it do just that next time you’re driving down University Boulevard looking for the perfect way to vibe with your friends and get some good eats.

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