Craft Your Own Rug at Rugged Perspective in The Milk District

By Yasmene Warren

There has never been a better way to let your creativity shine than through rug tufting! Luckily for you and everyone else in Orlando, there’s a new place to do so in town. We’re talking about Rugged Perspective, and even though it’s only been open for about a month, it’s already a hit among locals. Let’s check it out!

All About Rugged Perspective

Rugged Perspective is a local rug tufting shop located in the Milk District on East Robinson Street near Downtown Orlando. The shop was started and is run by Arelys Arias-Rodriguez, who found her love for rug tufting in 2020 during the pandemic.

rugged perspective sign in pink and purple lettering

Like everyone else, Arelys took her time in quarantine to pick up a new hobby, and three short years later, she grew a business out of it! What initially began as a tedious task blossomed into a successful business, and now, she wants to share her love for the craft with everyone and teach others something new!

dog rug in a pile of rugs
black leaf outline on a white canvas

Skip the trip to Home Goods and get your DIY on with one of Rugged Perspective’s many workshops. Each workshop can host up to about eight people, so you won’t want to waste any time booking your spot.

Rugged Perspective’s operational hours follow scheduled workshops, so simply follow the shop’s Instagram @ruggedperspective_orl, or keep an eye on the website to see the endless number of events hosted throughout the month.

The Rug Tufting Process

Rug tufting is all the rage these days, but what exactly is it? Tufting is a type of needlework where the needle punches through a backing material in the form of a loop.

girl in front of white canvas with orange rug creation

At Rugged Perspective, you don’t need to know all the specifics. All you have to do is thread your tufting gun and follow the lines of your design.

Shop owner Arelys is very hands-on in the teaching process, so don’t expect to have to know the ins and outs of rug tufting off the bat.

When you book your workshop, you’ll share your design with Arelys, and she’ll draw the outline on the rug backing and label what colors go where. The day of the class, she’ll have everyone’s respective tufting station set up and go through a step-by-step process detailing how to thread the gun, apply proper pressure, and tuft lines and curves on your design.

white canvas with outlined design
two rug tufts on canvas

Arelys’ workshops are entirely beginner friendly, and if you make any mistakes or need any help, she’s there every step of the way!

The Experience

Upon walking through the doors of Rugged Perspective, you’ll be anything but nervous when it comes to making your own rug.

Swanky paint designs, fun photos, a rug of Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory crying into a mirror, and plenty of yarn line the walls of this tiny tufting and sofa with dexter rug on wall and greenery

Cloud-covered light fixtures fill the ceilings and the sounds of alternative R&B coupled with tufting guns all around make for a relaxing environment perfect for learning a new skill in.

people in front of rug canvases


There aren’t too many places around town to learn how to make your own rug, and although YouTube videos can be pretty helpful, nothing beats watching and learning live and in action. Rugged Perspective brings a new, exciting means of crafting to the city of Orlando and gives people a perfect way to add a new, personal piece to their home!

The Milk District

Just outside of Downtown Orlando is where you’ll find the iconic Milk District, which is well known for its vibrant bars and restaurants. It gets its name from being home to the T.G. Lee Dairy processing plant from the 1950s, but now, it’s good for way more than just its milk. With such an ideal location filled with loads to do, it makes a great place to call home. Looking for homes in the area?


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