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By Yasmene Warren

Everybody is always looking for ways to up their home decor game, or maybe they’re in search of a home gadget they didn’t know they needed. Either way, at Crazy Hot Buys in Orlando, the buying possibilities are endless! Let’s check it out!

What is Crazy Hot Buys?

Crazy Hot Buys is a liquidation store located on Sand Lake Road in Orlando. Here, everything is listed at the same price — no matter what the product is. Liquidation stores are stores that typically buy unsold or returned products from retailers like Amazon and sell them for less than their retailed value.

Crazy Hot Buys is open every day except Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is open on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Prices and the Buys

Each day Crazy Hot Buys is open is a different price day — meaning that everything in the store, no matter what it is, will be priced the same. Sundays - $7, Mondays - $5, Tuesdays - $3, Wednesdays - $1, Fridays - $10, and Saturdays - $8.

You can find TVs, webcams, clothing, phone accessories, food, pet supplies, home decor and so much more at this store. The buying possibilities are truly endless!

The Shopping Experience

If you’re hoping to get something good shopping here, you better come early. Pulling into the parking lot, you’ll see a long line of patrons waiting for the doors of Crazy Hot Buys to be opened. Carts are limited in number, so employees recommend bringing in your own bags just in case. IKEA bags are also made available to customers at the front of the store.

The inside is just as “crazy” as the outside as people pile their carts full of boxes of stuff from the many bins throughout the store. There’s very little organization in these bins, so you’ll really have to do some digging to find something good.

Crazy Hot Buys has a rule where you cannot open the boxes before bringing them to the registers. Most boxes will have print or stickers on them stating what kind of product is inside. Once you go to the registers, you’re free to open up the boxes and check the condition of the items. Because some products are returned or unsold goods, it’s important to check the expiration dates on everything you buy, especially food products.

Once you feel like you’ve had your fill of shopping here, you just take your stuff up to the registers like you would at any other store. Because everything is marked at the same price, they don’t have to scan anything as they charge you by quantity.

**All card payments are subject to a $2 convenience fee, so if you want to avoid that, be sure to bring some cash!


The chaos of shopping at Crazy Hot Buys is somewhat reminiscent of the annual Black Friday shopping experience; they really put the “crazy” in Crazy Hot Buys! You’ll definitely want to come early and come energized if you’re looking to shop here. From holiday decorations and children’s clothing to dog food and toothpaste, you truly never know what you’ll find here. Just make sure you’re well-prepared when you come!

Sand Lake

Sand Lake is an area in Orlando located in the heart of all things tourism. It’s home to the Florida Mall and in close proximity to Universal Studios, ICON Park, and an abundance of restaurants and shops. You’ll never find yourself without something to do on this side of town.


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