EDGE Escape Now Open in Kissimmee

By Holley Long

Are you looking to put your puzzle-solving skills to the ultimate test? EDGE Escape, open now in Kissimmee, lets you do just that with its array of themed escape rooms. Read on to learn more about this new spot for family fun and adventure, as well as our own experience while trying to escape one of the rooms! 

front of edge escape building

What is EDGE? 

EDGE Escape takes guests on a thrilling journey through rooms full of clues and puzzles. Each room has a unique and exciting theme, with a mission that will have your heart pounding by the end. Unlike other escape rooms I’ve been through, you won’t just move on to the next section without solving the one you’re in. You have to figure out the answers, or doors simply will not open. 

If that makes you nervous, don’t worry. An EDGE team member will brief you before you embark on your adventure, assessing your skill level when it comes to escaping. You’ll have an hour to complete your mission, but if you get stumped at any point, a live game master will provide hints and guidance (you just might have to do something silly to earn the help). 

The entrance to the room will also never be locked; if you need to leave for any reason, you’re able to do so without needing to get the game master’s attention. 

Save The Magic School

The Escape Rooms

EDGE has three escape rooms available to book right now, and one room that is set to open soon. While each room has its own exciting story, every experience is kid-friendly and private, reserved just for your group. 

tickets for the edge escape rooms with barcode

The escape rooms at EDGE include:

  • Save the Magic School: A curse has befallen Edge Magic School, set by a scorned and vengeful wizard. Your task? Sneak through the school so you can disarm the curse before it fully sets in. You may even learn some magic along the way. 

  • Wonderland: In this room, dream like Alice and wind up in a kingdom that grows curiouser and curiouser the longer you stay. But fair warning: the Red Queen is ruling, and she is not a fan of newcomers. Escape is possible—just pay attention and don’t lose your head. 

  • The Society of Adventures and Explorers: There once was a group who traveled the world and uncovered mysteries and treasures. Now, it’s your turn. You must learn more about this forgotten society and make some thrilling discoveries of your own. 

  • Jewel Thief (coming soon): Cue the Mission: Impossible theme, because in this room you have to pull off one of the greatest heists in history. You’ll break into a highly secure vault in order to steal legendary jewels and live out the rest of your days in splendor. Just don’t get caught by the guards!

Our Experience

During our visit to EDGE Escape, we found Wonderland, literally. The Alice in Wonderland-themed rooms were like something out of a storybook. Each detail was brilliant, from the green grass and tea party set up in the first room, to the throne and garden in the last room. 

red queen doll in a chair with bushes on both sides

I was so in awe of the beautiful decor that at times I forgot we had an actual mission: we needed to save the White Queen, who had been captured by the Red Queen. But as I was admiring that decor, my escape team began reading through the clues along the walls and furniture. 

There were so many puzzles and mysteries to solve that at first we didn’t know where to start, but once we figured out one, the answers to others began to click. I won’t give too much away (everyone should escape from Wonderland themselves!) but we were able to make it through the rooms and defeat the Red Queen with just ONE minute to spare. 

hand holding an eat me frosted cupcake

While we didn’t really risk losing our heads, it was still a massive relief to see the final door open and hear we’d been victorious. Not to mention, the satisfaction of winning was a high I rode for the rest of the day. 

Booking a Visit

EDGE Escape’s rooms are designed to accommodate eight people, but groups can have up to ten members. Reservations are also highly encouraged, as walk-ins aren’t guaranteed to have a room open and ready for use. Guests should also arrive ten minutes early in order to be properly briefed before they enter their experience. 


Escape rooms provide an exciting experience while also presenting a series of mental trials for guests. EDGE Escape strikes the perfect balance of fun and challenging with its rooms of immersive storytelling and stimulating puzzles and riddles, and with a number of themes to choose from, it’s an amazing venue for a day with family, date night, or small party. 

So, if you’re looking to engage your mind during your next outing, give EDGE Escape a shot!


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