Flying Cars in Orlando?

Great Scott!

Remember watching Back to the Future II and thinking, “Wow, flying cars are going to be amazing in the future!” 

Well, that movie was set in 2015. I don’t know about you, but I’m still sitting in I-4 traffic instead of zooming around in the sky. While flying cars and hoverboards didn’t come by 2015, flying cars may be a reality in Orlando soon enough. 

Enter Lillium. A German startup that recently chose the Lake Nona area of Orlando to pilot its first vertiport. This move will create over 140 new high paying jobs in its 56,000 facility. But wait. What is a Vertiport?

Lilium In Orlando

According to a vertiport is, “a collective term referring to areas designed specifically for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft to take off and land, much like a heliport is a designated area for helicopters”. A vertiport is basically a place for big manned drones (IE flying cars) to take off and land! While that might sound far off, keep reading. 

When I started digging into what Lillium is doing, they already have an AAM that can travel up to 185 miles with a fully electric, emissions free vehicle. The only thing missing are local hubs to fly between. Interestingly enough, Orlando is sort of becoming a hub for things like this.

So Much Tech In Orlando!

According to the Orlando Partnership, Orlando is pushing hard to gain market share in aircraft and the AAM field. With marketing campaigns that include other companies that’ve already invested heavily in our area. 

In a press release from Dr. Remo Gerber, COO at Lilium, he said “Orlando’s commitment and openness to innovation is why Lilium chose to launch its service in Florida. We are pleased to work with Orlando to realize a sustainable future that is just a few years from now”. 

Still think Central Florida is just about theme parks? 
With NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, and more pouring money into our local economy, the added intrigue and investment around what Lilium is doing further solidifies my stance that Orlando is going to be a powerhouse of innovation and entertainment.

Would you be one of the first to try out a flying car? Comment below!

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