Gideon’s Bakehouse: From humble beginnings to viral sensation!

The Idea

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Gideon. In the late 1800’s this ambitious little guy dreamt of baking the perfect confections. Gideon scribbled his ideas into the pages of a recipe book and now, well over 100 years later, his legacy is carried out by Steve Lewis and the Bakehouse family.

In this Victorian Era styled shop, lined with curiosities and oddball character art, lies hearty sweets and treats that may take more than one occasion to finish! Gideon’s cookies are nearly half a pound EACH! Yes, each! And if that doesn’t amaze you maybe the tall, three layer slices of all of their cakes will! Choose (if you even can!) between true red velvet, their daily chocolate which rotates additions like andes mints cookies and cream and peanut butter cups! Sharing is caring, am I right? 

Sweets, Sweets, and More Sweets

As of today, there are 11 cookie choices. Made daily is the signature Original Chocolate Chip cookie. One bite of this and you are instantly met with sweet & salty ooey gooey morsel goodness! A couple other crowd pleasers are the pistachio toffee chocolate chip, the dark coffee cake and Candied Walnut, which is only available on Wednesdays, so set an alarm! 

There are many more they have to offer but most of them are seasonal. The seasonal cookies as of now just in time for spooky season are The Frankenstein, which they refer to as their most popular and irresponsible cookie of the year! We love that for them! Made with M&M’s, crushed Oreo Double Stuff and Chocolate Pieces. And what’s Frankenstein without his bride? Another absolute monster of a cookie but the opposite, white chocolate, M&M’s and golden Oreos. 

From Humble Beginnings and Onward

One thing about Gideon’s that makes it even easier to choose it every time, is that this establishment was created and run with nothing but passion, hope, and unbelievable drive. Steve Lewis has poured his heart and soul, his failures and triumphs into these baked goods. He’s an open book about how far Gideon’s has come to be what it is today. 

He and his (at first) small circle gained the opportunity to share a space with a variety of solid local businesses in East End Market. It’s hard to imagine that this viral sensation of a concept truly did start as an up and coming 286 square foot kiosk inside the food hall! Gideon’s is still there now, pushing out cookies, but everything changed after almost 5 years of moving absolute mountains. They have overcome every obstacle and are now proudly standing in Disney Springs. Sharing the love of sweets and bringing us all together again. A real underdog story. 

So let Gideon’s be a testament to what can be achieved if you just keep pushing. There’s a little Gideon in all of us, we just have to find him!

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