How to Get the Highest Score on Toy Story Rides

Everybody loves a little friendly competition when it comes to arcade-style games. At Walt Disney World, there are two very fun Toy Story rides that are sure to bring out your competitive side. Do you want to know how to get the highest score every time you ride? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at how to get Galactic Hero on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and how to get the highest possible score on Toy Story Mania.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

At Magic Kingdom, head to Tomorrowland and ride Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This is a fun attraction where you are recruited to help Buzz Lightyear defeat the evil Emperor Zurg to save the galaxy! Do you have what it takes to become a Galactic Hero? Here’s how to get the max score – 999,999 points!

First Area

There is a large orange Boxobot (robot) that you will see in the first room on the left side. The left hand on the robot is worth 100,000 points! Shoot that target as much as you can and be sure to control your vehicle as it will spin around in circles otherwise- making it very hard to aim. Next, look up at the ceiling for your next high scoring target. You will see “The Claw” if you look up. There’s a big target right in the center of the claw and if you shoot it, you will score another 100,000 points each time! The Claw is right after the big robot so be sure to spin your space vehicle around really fast!

Second Area

As soon as you enter the second room, quickly turn your vehicle to face the wall on the right. There, you will see a large volcano with two targets. Aim your Space Shooter at the top target- it is worth 50,000 points and it will also make the volcano erupt. You will have a few chances to hit this volcano since this room is very large.

Third Area

For this area, you will want to focus on Zurg. You will see him a few times once you leave the second room. The Zurg that you will want to focus on is the one you will see right before you enter the “Emergency Escape Hatch” tunnel. Directly under Zurg, look for the word “pitiful” and there is a target right under it. This target is worth 100,000 points! It is also the last target that you will see in the ride for 100,000 points so be sure to hit it as many times as you can. I have found that it is nearly impossible to hit in when you are right in front of it so try to aim to get it right before and right after you pass it.


There are still a lot of opportunities after these areas to rack up points. Once you are in the “Emergency Escape Hatch” tunnel, keep shooting at the targets to acquire more points. There are also plenty of targets in the room where your picture is taken! Once you reach the end of the ride, and you were able to reach “Galactic Hero” status, take a picture of your score with your phone. After you exit the ride, show your score to a Cast Member in the gift shop and you will be given a special prize – your very own “Galactic Hero” sticker! Wear it proudly, you’ve earned it!

Toy Story Mania

You can find the next Toy Story themed interactive experience in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. Toy Story Mania is a fun, competitive 3D carnival game ride. Here are some helpful hints and tips to help you get the highest possible score on this fun ride!

Don’t Waste Your Time or Energy on the Practice Round

This is a very important tip! I know it’s exciting to be on the ride and to want to start right away, but this ride can be very taxing on your arms. Since you have to use the pull-string on the cannon mounted on your ride vehicle, after a while, your arm will start to feel a little sore. The practice round isn’t worth any points so don’t waste your energy. Save it for when the points count in the next room!

Hard-to-Hit Targets are Worth More!

This may sound self-explanatory but the harder to hit targets are worth the most points! These are usually the targets that are extra small or farther away. Also be sure to look for targets that appear and disappear quickly and for targets that fly across the screen quickly!

First Game

During the first game, you will be firing at targets on a farm. In this game, look for the hen house near the bottom corner of the screen. If you shoot the fox off the top of the house, chickens will start running out. Focus on firing at the chickens for the rest of this game to rack up a large number of points!

Second Game

To score the highest number of points for this game, fire your darts at the long, skinny balloons under the volcano. If you pop all of them, the volcano will erupt and release a bunch of balloons that are worth 500 points each! The best part is that the balloons are very close together, making them very easy to hit.

Third Game

In this game, to get the highest score, you must break as many plates as you can. In the very beginning of this game, there are two plates worth 2,000 points each that are tossed into the air- make sure you hit these! If you hit both plates, more flying high value plates will appear. If you happen to hit all of those, a tank will appear with more plates!

Fourth Game

During this game, you will be tossing rings to score points. When the game begins, toss the rings at the aliens on the rocket ship in the center of the screen first. Toss the rings as fast as you can to avoid the aliens reappearing. Once you toss the rings over all the aliens, the rocket ship will launch and reveal a huge robot! When the robot opens its mouth, toss the rings inside to earn a ton of points each time. You will earn 100 points the first throw, 500 the second throw, then 1,000 and finally 2,000 points each throw!

Fifth Game

The fifth game is the last part of this ride, and it is split into a few different stages. During the first stage, be sure to fire at all the bullseyes to reveal hidden targets. Also, be sure to hit the bunny in the saloon to reveal more hidden targets. In the second stage, you will shoot at falling mine carts. Try to hit every cart that you see and keep your eyes peeled for the two bats that will fly at the top of the screen! If you hit the bats, the mine carts points will increase. The final stage is the bonus round. Gather all the strength that you have left and fire as fast and as accurately as you can. You can rack up a lot of points during this bonus round so try to hit as many targets as you can. Pro Tip: Bullseyes are worth the most and will be worth more points every time you hit one!


These rides are a lot of fun and are even more fun once some friendly competition is involved. Now that you have all the secrets you need to get the points, come and ride one of these attractions to get the highest score and the ultimate bragging rights! Which one of these Toy Story themed rides are your favorite? Have you ever gotten “Galactic Hero” status?

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