Inside The Great Movie Escape at Universal Orlando

by Ken Pozek

Are you an escape room fan? How about a Back to the Future or Jurassic World fan? Well Universal Orlando has you covered on all three! Today we had the opportunity to preview The Great Movie Escape, and it was fantastic! 

Opening up December 9th, 2022 over in City Walk on the same spot “The Groove” used to sit, Universal has repurposed the space for these two immersive escape rooms. 

What is it?

Let’s break it down. 

The Great Movie Escape is a multi-level escape room experience that is separated into two choices. Back to the Future and Jurassic World. 

As you walk underneath the mammoth marquee through the front door, you enter into a room that offers a nod to old Hollywood. There’s movie props, a full Gatsby style bar pouring custom cocktails, a giant screen with movie trivia (my favorite question: what was the Hill Valley newspaper called?), and two movie theatre facades. Back to the Future was on the main level, with Jurassic Park is just up the stairs.

Both rooms have similarities, but are very much so different. They’re also a departure from the ordinary escape room experience which are typically either lower quality or only 1-2 rooms. Instead you’re transported into two of the most iconic movies, all while being taken through 4-5 progressive challenges. 

Jurassic World Room

This room was much more intense. Not only were you looking out for dinosaurs trying to eat you, but as each room unfolded, you were met with more interesting challenges. The theming made you feel like you were really inside an InGen research facility. I was consistently impressed with the amount of technology that was used. From the interactive screens, the clever use of lighting/smells/materials, to the puzzles that included some highly detailed props. It was really well done. 

Here’s a fun tidbit: Universal told us that depending on your time and how many puzzles you solved, you’ll be given a rank and score. Meaning they gamified the escape room game…Which sounds a little like inception (omg please someone do an inception escape room) but I like it! They also can change up the room difficulty so that guests will experience the room in a different way each time. 

The escape rooms are also smart rooms of sorts. Can’t figure out the technological puzzle, that’s ok, they’ll kindly move you into the next room to keep pace. Conversely if you’re a wizard, then they keep throwing new challenges at you to see how much you can handle in the allotted time. It’s quite interesting!


Back to the Future Room

If I had to vote on nostalgia alone, this room would win hands down. The props, the sound track, the story and the theming were all top notch. I felt like I visited the old west, the 50’s for the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, and had a chance to send myself Back to the Future!. 

From the moment you step into the first room, we were greeted by our “guide” - Dr. Emmett Browns’s assistant. She tells you that Doc Brown is stuck in the space time continuum machine (technical term), but not to worry, we’re going to get him out. We’re also going to help her chase Biff through time to make sure he doesn’t mess things up…again! From there you’re taken through many of the popular scenes in the movie. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but make sure you work in teams!


While less technologically challenging than Jurassic World, this one still takes some serious thought and detective skills to advance through quickly. 

Images by @universalorlando

The Bar(s)

Whether you’re waiting for your escape room experience to start, or just want to post up and try a craft cocktail, The Great Movie Escape has something for you. I tried the Hoverboard Highball, and oh my was it delicious. They also have a full mocktail menu to choose from as well.

So which room are you going to go to first? 

Thanks so much to Universal Orlando for having us out! It was an amazing experience. 

P.S. Does anyone else think the idea of an “Escape from the movies” theme is Universal’s way of digging their way into the hearts of those who sorely miss The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios? Cause if so, BRILLIANT. 


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