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Lotte Plaza Market is said to be one of the best Asian markets in Orlando. Since 1976, Lotte has made it their mission statement to be the creme del la creme of Asian groceries. From 1989 with one storefront, to now 12 different locations within Maryland, Virginia and the newest additions here in Florida. 

I’ve been seeing Tik Tok after Tik Tok of locals visiting this market and hyping it up, so of course, I had to see what it was all about. Was I disappointed? Absolutely not, I understand now why people have been raving.

Food Court & Grocery Store

Firstly, this market doubles as a grocery store and a food court. You know when you reward yourself after grocery shopping with fast food? Now, we can all skip the drive thru and make our way to the front of the store for some insanely tasty Japanese, Korean or Filipino food. You’re welcome in advance.


This place has one of the widest varieties of produce I’ve ever seen. It spans for what looks like more than ⅓ of this massive store. Everything from exotics fruits that I had never even heard of. (Google “Rambutan” and tell me that’s not the coolest fruit you’ve ever seen.) all the way to your standard fare. There’s something almost kind of beautiful about how fresh the fruits and vegetables looked, there are times in big brand grocery stores where I question what I’m buying and here I could let any fear of that go. 


Now the meat section or the “Butcher Shop” is where it gets romantic. I’m not exaggerating when I say there are endless amounts and cuts of every single type of protein you can imagine. Fresh fish, crab, lobster, salmon, snapper, shark…all at amazing and more affordable prices. Pork belly, ribbon cuts for stay at home Korean BBQ, steaks, chicken, marinated, dry rubbed..everything. As a 20 something with absolutely no culinary skills, seeing all of this beautiful product had me truly believe I could try my hand at an audition on Masterchef. 


Now let’s talk snacks. If you have ever been to a spot even remotely like this, you know that the snack and candy aisle is something to behold. We’re talking pocky, a million different flavored cookies, sweet/sour gummies, flavor changing hard candies, chips of every flavor you’ve never thought of, just an obscene amount of different cakes and pastries. If you’re someone who’s super open to trying new things, this is where to go to broaden that horizon of yours. Alongside all these snacks, there are hundreds of different types of ramen and sauces/spices to add to them.

Food Court

Like I had mentioned, this market has a small food court inside as well. After shopping, you have to try a meal at one of the 5 restaurants. Although every vendor’s menu looks jam packed with different variations of meat, veggies, rice, rolls, etc. I chose to eat at Taglish, a Filipino american style place that is run by Mike Collantes who you may have seen before on Guy’s Grocery Games! It was decently priced and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend the ube horchata and the chicharones. 

Final Thoughts

Lotte Market is by far the best Asian market I’ve been to in the area. It’s clean, the staff is friendly and super helpful. (So ask questions if you’re not certain about something!) It makes it that much easier to appreciate a culture or multiple cultures at once all while having a good time and learning.

What’s the first thing you’re headed to when you stop in? 

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