Orlando locals and visitors alike: get ready because we are getting a revolutionary new donut shop this weekend with Mochinut! This shop features a unique treat called mochi donuts, as well as Korean rice flour hot dogs and boba. We took a trip this week to the soft opening to see what makes these flavorful foods so unique.

Where Can I Get a Mochinut?

This first Mochinut location is opening this Saturday, April 23rd, on Sand Lake Road. It will be right next to Moge Tee, with both shops sharing some seating and photo walls. Upon entering the shop, you’ll be hit with the smells of the donuts and a long display case showcasing the flavors that are currently available. Pick your favorite mochinut, and be sure to grab any of their six boba tea options as well.

Mochi + Donuts

According to their website, mochi donuts are said to have originated in Hawaii. This delicious dessert is a fusion of American donuts and Japanese mochi. However, they are shaped in a different way from your standard American donut. They are formed in a circle of eight dough balls making them easy to share, and in a perfectly fun shape to showcase on your Instagram feed.

There are a variety of flavors that will be changing over time. It seems that some of their standard flavors are Biscoff, flavored after the Belgian cookies, Ube, which the employee working the counter told us was her favorite, and Cookies and Cream. At the time we went, there were also churro, strawberry puree, and raspberry cream flavors to try.

Mochi donuts are made with rice flour, which makes the confections stickier and stretchier than your traditional American donut. It was quite a remarkable tasting experience. The biscoff mochinut was so smooth it almost had the consistency of a Werther’s Original Chewy Caramel! The Ube was another favorite of our group, bright purple icing leading way to a not overly sweet but absolutely delicious treat.

Korean Rice Flour + Hot Dogs

Another popular treat that Mochinut serves are Korean Rice Flour Hot Dogs, as well as fried cheese on a stick. These were huge!

The menu shows a variety of ways to create your concoction. You begin by first choosing between meat, cheese, or both, then choosing your coating. Some of the options for the exterior are hot Cheetos (which were so popular during the soft opening they sold out!), ramen, and potatoes. Your next choice is whether or not you’d like your creation dipped into sugar for a sweet and savory experience. If you’d like to keep it strictly savory, then definitely skip the sugar coating. Lastly, the shop offers a variety of sauces to dip your hot dog into, and there were so many to pick from! We chose spicy mayo, mango habanero, and sweet red chili which were all superbly delicious.


This new food spot is definitely a must try for those seeking out unique tastings. We are so excited for Mochinut to make its debut this weekend and can’t wait to hear what your favorite flavor will be! With this first Orlando location, and a second one coming soon, Mochinut is sure to be a hit. After all, the donuts are a-glaze-ing! Which mochinut and hot dog will you try first?

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