New Luggage System Coming to the Orlando Airport

The Orlando International Airport (MCO) is currently the busiest airport in Florida. In fact, it ranks as the 7th busiest airport in the United States and ranked in the top 10 for the entire world in 2021. With so many people traveling to and from Orlando, getting your luggage can sometimes be chaotic. In an attempt to cure this, it was announced that there’s a new luggage system coming to MCO. This will be in the new Terminal C, and will help expedite the baggage retrieval process. Here’s what we know about MCO’s newest terminal and its state-of-the-art luggage system.

Image by Orlando International Airport

Terminal C

MCO has been undergoing a huge project that will focus on innovation, safety, and guest experience. This will include the construction of the brand-new Terminal C. MCO has been working on this new terminal to help passengers make their travel process much smoother. This project is estimated to cost over $2 billion, and is scheduled to open in September 2022.

Concept Image by Orlando International Airport

New Features

According to a press-release from the Orlando International Airport, passengers will be able to experience the following in this new terminal:

  • 100% automated screening lanes at TSA checkpoints
  • Baggage bins at TSA will be on a moving conveyor belt to help curb back ups
  • 100% facial recognition for International arrivals and departures
  • State-of-the-art Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) Tote Baggage Handling System for efficient tracking and expedited luggage retrieval
  • Virtual Ramp Control Systems that precisely display aircraft operations on video walls, providing controllers with full, unobstructed visibility of airfield traffic
  • Large-scale interactive digital media as part of an imaginative visual experience, designed with “The Orlando Experience” in mind
  • One of the first North American airports to install a Passive Optical Network (PON), which will utilize fiber-optic technology to create a high-speed, future-proofed, energy-efficient IT system
  • The first-fully integrated, multi-modal airport terminal in the U.S for rail-air ground transportation

Images by Orlando International Airport

New Luggage System

In the new Terminal C, getting your baggage will be easier than ever. Baggage claim will be closer to where passengers will deplane so they can grab their bags and go. One of the coolest parts of this new luggage system by far is that every checked bag will be transported in its own yellow bin with a tracker installed on it. In turn, this will allow passengers to see exactly where their bag is.

Images by Orlando International Airport

As stated in the new features, the luggage system will be using RFID to track travelers’ bags for a more efficient luggage retrieval. MCO will be also be one of the first to utilize this technology. In addition to this new technology, passengers will also be able to drop off their checked bags before their flight much sooner than before.


Terminal C sounds like it will do exactly what it promised – make guest’s experience much better and focus on innovation. This new technology will be a game changer for baggage claim, and airport efficiency in itself. A positive experience at the airport is so important, as it can make or break a vacation. Taking some of the stress away from traveling is something that MCO has chosen to focus on, and I’m sure many airports will soon follow suit.

What do you think of this new state-of-the-art technology coming to MCO?

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