Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

Come explore one of Florida’s coolest aquariums at Sea Life Orlando! With over nine amazing exhibits and countless sea life to explore, it is the perfect way to spend the day. There are also touch pools, behind the scenes tours, and Florida’s only 360-degree Ocean Tunnel! Located in Orlando’s famous ICON Park, this is an experience not to miss! Here are some of our favorite exhibits and what they offer.

360 Ocean Tunnel

Explore sea life under water without getting wet! The 360-degree Ocean Tunnel here is actually the only one of its kind in Florida. Here, you can see tons of fish, sharks, turtles, and eels swim all around you. One of the most popular sea creatures here is Chely, a rescued green sea turtle. There is also a 180-degree Ocean Tunnel here that is not only cool but gives you another view at the incredible sea life.

Jelly Wall Exhibit

The Jelly Wall Exhibit is a colorful and beautiful display of the moon jelly habitat. You and your family can change the colors of the habitat while watching the dozens of jellyfish happily float around. The bright colors and peaceful floating of jellyfish makes for a great photo opportunity, so have your cameras ready!

Indian Ocean

At the Indian Ocean Exhibit, you can meet lots of sea creatures including Ted, the turtle! Ted helped develop the Turtle Excluder Device, otherwise know as the TED. This specialized device helps a captured sea turtle to escape when caught in a fisherman’s net. You can also meet Joy, their newest zebra shark! Joy was hatched from an egg at the Georgia Aquarium and was part of the AZA’s Species Survival Program. Both Ted and Joy are very famous at Sea Life Orlando so be sure to come say hi!

Feeding Frenzy

Want to feed some hungry fish? At Feeding Frenzy, you and your family have the opportunity to feed a swarm of tangs. You can hear them eat and see them swarm – another one-of-a-kind photo opportunity that you won’t want to miss! It is truly both a fun and unique experience.

Coastal Rockpool

The Coastal Rockpool Exhibit is perfect for the “hands on” person in your party. Rockpools are micro-habitats that are full of amazing sea life. Here, you can touch real sea creatures such as starfish, anemones, and more. You can even hold a crab if you want to! The staff here are also very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have.


At the Axolotl Exhibit, you can learn all about these little amphibians. These can be found and are native to Lake Xochimilco in Mexico, and are also known as “the Last Dragons”. Axolotls are also an endangered species that are slightly reminiscent of salamanders. Learn all this and more at this exhibit!


Paying homage to the Sunshine State, the Everglades exhibit teaches about Florida and its inhabitants. Here, you will travel through the everglades in a floor to ceiling replica of its amazing ecosystem.

Behind the Scenes Tour

The Behind-the-Scenes tour is a fascinating look behind the scenes of the aquarium, its inhabitants and everything in between. Learn about the Florida Reef Tract Rescue Project and see all the rescued corals to begin. You’ll find out how Sea Life Orlando replicates the ocean in their tanks to keep the sea creatures happy and healthy. Ever wonder about what the sea creatures eat and how their meals are prepared? You’ll also learn about breeding efforts, and maybe even get a sneak peek of baby sea creatures. See how the sea creatures are kept healthy and how they get regular check-ups.

One of the coolest parts of the tour is you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the ocean tanks by walking above the surface at the Ocean Overlook. You’ll even get to help the staff with feeding time! This tour costs only $10 and is definitely worth it!

All Images by Sea Life Orlando Aquarium


There are so many fun and interesting things to do at Sea Life Orlando. You’ll have so much fun looking through all the exhibits that you’ll forget you’re learning! The staff here is amazing and incredibly knowledgeable and can tell you anything you need to know about everything you see here. This beautiful aquarium has over 25,000 square feet of fun and adventure. The next time you are in Orlando, head to ICON Park and experience Sea Life Orlando.

Have you ever been to Sea Life Orlando? What was your favorite exhibit?

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