SeaWorld’s New Coaster “Penguin Trek” Coming Spring 2024

By Roger Jimenez

Prepare for an exhilarating family adventure as SeaWorld Orlando unveils its latest masterpiece, "Penguin Trek," set to open its gates in Spring 2024.

What is it?

The eagerly anticipated attraction will be SeaWorld's eighth rollercoaster, soon offering guests a thrilling experience amidst the wonders of Antarctica.

Penguin Trek will be a family launch coaster that promises an immersive journey through the icy landscapes of Antarctica. Guests will be seated in a unique snowmobile-styled ride car, hearts racing in anticipation, and as they embark on an exhilarating journey, guests are catapulted into the Antarctic wilderness, where icy expanses and treacherous terrain become a playground. 

queue with icicles and ice on the walls

With two thrilling launches and a maze of twists and turns, the coaster zooms at speeds reaching up to 43 mph along a 3,020-foot track that winds both indoors and outdoors. The adventure intensifies as guests narrowly escape the clutches of an ice cave, their senses heightened by the immersive, icy surroundings.

However, what truly sets Penguin Trek apart is its breathtaking finale. As the coaster comes to a halt, they will find themselves in the very heart of SeaWorld Orlando's own penguin habitat! The transition from heart-pounding excitement to the heartwarming presence of these beautiful birds is seamless. It's a moment of connection with nature that transcends the ordinary theme park experience, creating unforgettable memories for riders of all ages.

concept art of the coaster track leading into the penguin enclosure

2024 Annual Pass

For those seeking to embark on this extraordinary adventure, the 2024 annual pass is currently on sale and provides the perfect opportunity for the best price. 

With prices starting at just $14 per month, this pass not only grants unlimited access to SeaWorld Orlando but also unlocks a world of benefits. From free guest tickets and parking to special merchandise discounts, it's the key to a year stuffed with family fun and exploration.


Dive into the heart of Antarctica with SeaWorld Orlando's newest marvel, 'Penguin Trek.' Combining heart-pounding excitement with genuine connection, this family-friendly coaster takes riders on a captivating journey through the icy wilderness and ends in an enchanting encounter with real penguins. With the 2024 annual pass, families can be among the first to experience this extraordinary voyage, making memories that will last a lifetime.

SeaWorld Orlando 

SeaWorld Orlando, the famous marine-themed park located in Orlando, offers a captivating blend of entertainment and education. From thrilling rides to immersive animal encounters, visitors can dive into the wonders of the ocean. Home to remarkable marine life and exhilarating attractions, SeaWorld Orlando promises an unforgettable experience for families and nature enthusiasts alike, making it a must-visit destination in the vibrant city of Orlando. Looking to live nearby? We can help you find your next home!


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