Suffering Bastard – Sanford, FL.

If you’re looking to live out your Tiki Fantasy, look no further than Suffering Bastard in Sanford Florida. Located just 30 minutes north of downtown Orlando, it’s just a hop skip and a jump away to a world of high end cocktails and remarkable theming.

Location & History

Suffering Bastard is tucked away in a small space within Tuffy’s Bottle Shop. It has a max capacity of about 30 people and requires a reservation unless you’re extremely lucky with party sizes of 6 or less. If you have larger parties they do accommodate but require you to rent out the entire bar.


I’ve been to many tiki bars and I’ve never experienced anything like Suffering Bastard. When you enter, the lighting is dark with tiki goodies scattered about and hanging from the ceiling. The music matches the essence of the space with tropical vibes. Behind the bar stands a large stone tiki god that watches over and blesses all libations served!

If you’ve ever been to a bar at Disney like Ogas, Jock Lindsay’s, or Trader Sams, you know what next level theming looks like in a bar setting. If you’re looking for something outside of Disney that hits that quality level in theming with arguably much better drinks, Suffering Bastard is for you.


This menu touts over 40 cocktails with some secret menu items as well giving you no lack of selection. If you feel a little overwhelmed, that’s okay! Just ask your bartender for some suggestions and they’ll craft something that’s just right for you.

Each drink is ranked starting at mellow and topping off at suffering. You’re only allowed 2 suffering drinks during your visit so you know they’re strong! Some drinks even come in fun Tiki glasses that make it feel like more of an experience than a bar. The menu is very secretive when it comes to what’s in each drink, so I’ll do my best to paint a vivid picture.

Try your hand with a classic tiki concoction like the Zombie! Traditionally this drink is a fairly complex drink that includes multiple rums, juices, cinamon, and sugar to create a deadly drink like no other.

Or give a drink that’s been handcrafted by the in house bartending crew like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. This creamy marshmallow drink is a delicious treat. When the bartender handed it to me he made sure to say “Don’t cross the streams”!


Theming and drinks are great but the food here is really a treat. It’s not a huge menu but everything on it will melt your little taste buds.

Start off with some edamame with salt or garlic to set the mood. Follow that up with pork dumplings and crab Rangoon’s when your drinks get to the table. And wrap things up with pulled pork sliders or a cuban sandwich.

Everything is quite small with serving sizes so you may want to grab more than one thing from the menu if you’re out with a group. Throughout my time here with a party a 4 I believe we ordered 5 or 6 items from the food menu and everything was absolutely delicious.


Suffering Bastard is an incredible spot for a themed night out with friends. They have some of the best drinks I’ve ever experienced from behind a bar. Every item that comes to the table is top notch and it’s definitely worth the 30 minute rider from downtown. Tiki fan or not, you will still enjoy this bar.

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