Top 12 Thrill Rides at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has some of the greatest thrill rides in the world. Though it is known for being a family friendly park, there are still many rides that will get your heart racing! Here is a list of the top twelve thrill rides in Walt Disney World.

1.  Space Mountain

Blast off on your very own rocket and fly through outer space on this amazing indoor roller coaster. Not only is Space Mountain a classic Disney World thrill ride, it’s also one of the most thrilling rides at Magic Kingdom. Riders will race through flashing tunnels, outer space, meteors, comets, and even see some astronauts along the way. This ride has a top speed of only 27 mph but it feels so much faster as you are racing through the dark under the stars. Guests must be 44 inches or taller to ride.

2. Avatar Flight of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage is one of the most popular rides in all of Walt Disney World. Riders take flight on this 3D flying simulator attraction over the beautiful landscape of Pandora. The thrill factor on this ride is high- you actually feel like you are soaring through the skies and it feels very intense at times. Guests who have a fear of heights or are prone to motion sickness should skip this ride. Guests must be 44 inches or taller to ride.

3. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Check into the Hollywood Tower Hotel…if you dare…and experience one of the most thrilling rides in all of Walt Disney World. Riders will feel as if they’re in their very own episode of The Twilight Zone as they get inside of the abandoned elevator shaft and rise 13 spooky stories and then…boom…they freefall. While your physical body may be 13 stories down, your stomach will still be in the air. This is one of the most fun rides to go on and it is for anyone who loves a good thrill. Guests must be 40 inches or taller to ride. 

4. Rock n’ Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith

Are you ready to rock? Join Aerosmith on a thrilling, high speed race to get to their concert on time. Riders will get into a rockin’ limo playing the amazing music of Aerosmith and race through Los Angeles. This ride features three thrilling inversions two rollover loops and one corkscrew, making it the most thrilling roller coaster in all of Walt Disney World. It is also the only roller coaster in Walt Disney World that goes upside down. Guests must be 48 inches or taller to ride.

5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Are you ready to go on the wildest ride in the wilderness? Riders will race through a haunted gold mine aboard a runaway train. This ride features many twists and turns and is a fun adventure for kids and adults. Watch out for exploding dynamite and falling boulders aboard this fun coaster! An interesting fact about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is, according to scientists, the only roller coaster on Disney property that can actually help you pass kidney stones! For an even bigger thrill on this ride, ask for the back row! Guests must be 40 inches or taller to ride.

6. Splash Mountain

Join Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox on this thrilling log flume adventure. Fair warning…you will get wet! For the most part, this ride is a calm log flume ride that follows Br’er Rabbit as he outsmarts Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox. The ride gets a little more thrilling and intense as the log flume slowly climbs up a dark hill and then drops riders five stories down! According to Disney’s website, this ride features 950,000 gallons of water, three dips and that famous five-story splashdown. Pro tip- sit in the back if you want to get less wet- the front row will soak you! Guests must be 40 inches or taller to ride.


Dr. Seeker needs your help! Travel back in time and go on a thrilling adventure to save the Iguanadon and bring it back to the present day. The time rover machine is a bumpy ride through a primeval forest that is filled with dinosaurs. There are a lot of sharp turns and scary moments on this thrilling race to save the Iguanadon. This ride is a dark ride and has dinosaurs that pop out so it may be too intense for children. For the thrill seekers in your party, this ride is a must do. Guests must be 40 inches or taller to ride. 

8. Expedition Everest

Hop on a train and climb Mount Everest in search of the mysterious Yeti on this very thrilling roller coaster ride.  Just when you think you’re at the top of the mountain, you notice that the tracks are…broken?? Your train will then rocket backwards and fly down the mountain. Be careful, you may encounter the Yeti along the way down and he will not be happy! The back of the coaster is the best place to sit if you are looking for a more intense ride! Guests must be 44 inches or taller to ride.

9. Rise of the Resistance

The Resistance needs your help! Join them in an unforgettable battle against the First Order! This ride is unlike any ride that you’ve ever experienced before. This is a massive attraction with multiple ride systems! This ride is so amazing and immersive that I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should experience it for themselves. It’s best to go into this thrilling adventure not knowing what to expect. If you are a Star Wars fan, this ride will blow your mind. You’ll even see some of your favorite characters from the new trilogy including Rey, BB-8 and Kylo Ren. Guests must be 40 inches or taller to ride. 

10. Mission: SPACE (Orange Side)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut? Mission: SPACE is the most realistic space simulator that you can experience outside of NASA. In fact, Disney Imagineers actually worked closely with former NASA advisors, astronauts and scientists to create this ride. Mission: SPACE originally opened with just one mission to Mars. It was so intense and thrilling that Disney had to open a second section of the attraction that was much less thrilling. It is now divided into two parts: Orange (more intense) and Green (less intense). On the orange side, the ride creates large G forces and it spins so fast that it’ll pin you back in your seat. You should also be prepared to experience a simulated feeling of weightlessness. Mission: SPACE should be avoided if you get motion sickness. Guests must be 40 inches or taller to ride.

11. Test Track

Did you know that Test Track is the fastest ride in all of Walt Disney World? Reaching a top speed of 65 mph, guests will race around a track in their very own SIM car. This ride is really fun because you get to design your own virtual concept car and check on its progress through the car “tests” on the ride. Riders will drive through rough terrain and race through many other obstacles along the way. The best and most thrilling part is once your car goes through the doors to the outside because you are about to go on a high speed adventure! Guests must be 40 inches or taller to ride.

12. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Heigh-ho it’s off you go on this family friendly thrill ride. Riders will race through scenes from the Disney classic, Snow White on this fun coaster that rocks from side to side. You’ll even encounter a fun scene featuring all Seven Dwarfs hard at work in the mines. This ride is very fun and is perfect for everyone in the family to enjoy together. It’s one of the perfect introductory roller coasters to introduce to your little ones. Guests must be 38 inches or taller to ride.

Coming Soon!

Walt Disney World has so many thrilling rides and there are even more on the way! I’m sure there will be more rides added to this list once TRON: Lightcycle Power Run and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind open. Disney is always making their guests happy with these unique and amazing rides. Be sure to get to the parks early because these rides are very popular and always have the longest wait times. 

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