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The TV families that we all grew up watching all have one magical thing in common – most have filmed at and visited WDW! Some of our favorites like the Tanners, Cory and Topanga, and even Steve Urkel all have special “we’re going to Disney!” episodes! The main purpose of these episodes was to promote the park, and it did just that plus more! Here are the top five Disney-themed episodes that just happen to be filmed at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

Full House – “The House Meets the Mouse”

While every episode of Full House is great, this two-part episode is extra special. The Tanners take a family vacation to Walt Disney World and stay at the Grand Floridian!

This two-part episode was filmed in Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Michelle is crowned “Princess of the Day”, although her sister Stephanie is not happy about it. DJ is missing her boyfriend Steve and thinks she sees him everywhere – especially in Aladdin! Fun fact – Scott Weinger plays DJ’s boyfriend Steve, and is also the voice behind Aladdin from the beloved Disney classic!

Uncle Jesse, played by John Stamos, plays a very special love song on the piano that sits in the Grand Floridian. At the very end of the episode, Jesse and the Rippers perform “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” while fireworks burst in the sky behind the beautiful Cinderella Castle. This episode is one of the best ones filmed at WDW, and will make you want to book a trip right afterwards!

Boy Meets World – “The Happiest Show on Earth

In this episode of Boy Meets World, Topanga enters a writing contest and wins a trip to Walt Disney World. Cory, her on-again, off-again boyfriend travels there with his best friend Shawn in an effort to win Topanga back. Like Full House, this Disney-themed episode was also mainly filmed at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Cory and Shawn also end up on Splash Mountain, and we see their reaction going down the giant plunge!

The episode’s main plotline revolves around Epcot and there are really cool scenes featuring The Living Seas Pavilion (now The Seas with Nemo and Friends), and even a happy, grand finale in front of the Epcot Fountain of Nations! This episode will definitely leave you feeling nostalgic for the old Epcot.

Step by Step – “We’re Going to Disney World”

In this magical episode, the Lambert family is gifted a Disney vacation from their grandmother. As many Step by Step fans already know, the Lambert family consists of a lot of people, so a lot is happening in this episode. The first storyline revolves around JT and his friend Rich trying to impress two girls that they met at Magic Kingdom. Frank and Carol are having a hard time getting some alone time to celebrate their anniversary. In addition to this, Karen is convinced by her other sisters to join a country western singing contest at Pleasure Island – now Disney Springs.

The most entertaining storyline of the whole show is when family friend “Flash” joins the Lamberts on their vacation. He seeks to beat the world record for visiting every Walt Disney World attraction, restaurant, snack stand and merchandise location in under four days! Spoiler alert – he does! In the end, the whole family celebrates in front of Cinderella Castle. This left every person watching ready to schedule a trip to Disney ASAP!

Family Matters – “We’re Going to Disney World”

In this episode, Steve Urkel won a trip to the finals of Amateur Inventors Weekly’s Annual National Contest. He travels here to exhibit his transformation chamber, a device he created in a prior season to change his DNA and become his alter ego, Stefan Urquelle. The best part is that the finals take place in Walt Disney World! Since Urkel was able to bring whoever he wanted with him to the finals, he chose to bring the entire Winslow family.

The finals take place in the former Innoventions Center at Epcot. After the sabotage of Urkel’s machine, he scrambles throughout the episode to get it fixed. Carl, the Winslow patriarch, is so in love with the magic of Disney (hey, it happens!) that he quits his job and decides to move the entire family to Orlando. However, his wife later talks him out of it. This episode filmed at WDW is full of laughs and nostalgia! We miss you, Innoventions!

Black-ish – “VIP”

In this hilarious episode of Black-ish, Dre takes the family to Walt Disney World. The Johnsons pay for the VIP treatment package, and in turn are ushered around all of Walt Disney World. They love being treated as VIPs so much that they hilariously start to think that they’re better than everyone else.

This episode made VIP tours look awesome, which they are! I’m sure this convinced a lot of families to spend the extra money to get it too. The family was also lucky enough to be in a Disney parade! The episode mostly takes place between Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. Some of the rides you’ll see are Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Soarin’ Around the World! The episode also ends just as all the others do, with the happy family enjoying the famous Disney fireworks!


All these episodes are so amazing in their own way. Not only do they bring a lot of nostalgia, but they also will make you smile! There are so many shows that have filmed in WDW and/or had a Disney-themed episode, but these stand out as the best. If you are ever finding yourself missing Walt Disney World, just put on one of these episodes and it will definitely help! 

Which one of these episodes are your favorite?

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