Visit Adoptable Kitties at The Kitty Beautiful in Downtown Orlando

By Kismet Kohn

The Kitty Beautiful adds some much-needed hope to the world, where you can give back just by showing up. If you’re looking just to spend some time with cute cats, or adopt one of your own, check out this cat cafe!

The Cafe

If we’re being honest, from the outside, the main selling point of The Kitty Beautiful is not their cafe, but their cats. However, their drinks and snacks are so delicious you might change your mind once you step inside. 

Their drink menu is extensive, covering everything from kombucha to bottomless mimosas (which are only $12)! Their special drinks menu offers more options, such as their refreshing lavender butterfly lemonade. 

The food options also offer a wide variety, from sandwiches to macarons. I ordered their Avocado Toast and it was absolutely delicious, and of course, shaped like a cat. 

The nice thing about their menu that you don’t really find anywhere else is their low prices. What would normally cost $10 in Downtown Orlando, you can buy for $5 at their cafe! You don’t have to worry about eating and drinking everything before entering the cat room, the cats are allowed to be around everything the cafe serves!

The Kitties

Of course, the main source of entertainment at The Kitty Beautiful is the cats. After all, what is a cat cafe without cats? To get into the cat portion of the cafe, you have to buy a ticket, which means either reserving a time online (which I recommend) or buying it at the front counter. 

The cats that live at the cafe are always up for adoption and have been rescued from the Orlando area. This means that some cats could be gone within a day and home with their new family! If you’re looking to adopt, definitely take that into consideration, because adoptions tend to happen fast. 

If you’re just looking for some quality time with the furry babies, you will be more than set as the cats that tend to come in are playful and sociable. There are about twenty cats wandering around the cafe, laying down, playing with toys, and on the hunt for attention.

If you get bored of sitting with the cats waiting for them to love you, which I don’t know how you could ever get bored of that, there are also other activities to choose from! There’s a game corner with common household games and even cat-themed games, such as Cat-opoly! Do you like reading? A free library is available with many new and old books, where you can bring some of your old books and trade them out when you visit. Depending on the day, there might be Cat Yoga or Trivia to also participate in!

Cat Merchandise

There’s a small selection of cat merchandise to choose from next to the front counter at the cafe. The merchandise is switched out occasionally, depending on what the owners think is fun and cute at the time. 

Currently, their selection offers earrings, necklaces, candles, pins, temporary tattoos, and so much more. The earrings are all adorable, featuring cats with mushrooms and cats in teacups. The pins have more designs, but my favorites were the fans of beans and the black cat holding a knife in his mouth pins. The candles offered are shaped like cats as well (of course), and would make for some adorable decor!


The Kitty Beautiful is a fun place to visit with friends and family, especially if you’re looking to adopt a cat! The cats range in age, but most tend to be less than a year old, making them playful and sociable. Even if you’re just an animal lover, but don’t want the responsibility of taking care of a cat 24/7, stop by! If you want to support a good cause and give some love to adorable cats, take a day and visit The Kitty Beautiful.

Downtown Orlando

The Kitty Beautiful is located in Downtown Orlando, a center for a lot of unique shops and restaurants. Downtown Orlando is very centrally located for most people in the Central Florida area, with plenty of restaurants, shops, and venues within walking distance. It’s known for its tall buildings, apartments, and nightlife, but don’t discount the daylife offered by a lot of these unique shops! Interested in moving downtown?

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