What’s New and Coming Soon to Downtown Orlando

By Roger Jimenez

As we near the end of 2023, there’s so much to look forward to next year when it comes to development in entertainment and housing in the city of Orlando. We’ve laid out some of the biggest projects in the making that you should definitely know about! 

We also received some valuable info from this year’s State of Downtown address, held by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, where we got all the details you need to know about what the city’s upcoming plans are to improve our downtown area and build downtown into “a neighborhood for all Floridians”.


Focus #1: Safety

The city is driven to curb the homelessness issue and has thus recently enhanced their Downtown Ambassador Program and put together the Hope Team, a dedicated group of professionals committed to addressing Orlando’s homelessness challenge by focusing on individual fundamental needs, offering shelter, aid, and counseling services to help homeless individuals.

Additionally, housing opportunities for income-restrained residents have expanded significantly. A substantial fund of $58 million has been allocated to Accelerate Orlando in collaboration with esteemed organizations like the Christian Service Center, Salvation Army, and the Coalition for the Homeless, among others, ensuring a multifaceted approach to housing solutions.

Mayor Dyer also stressed how crucial it is for residents and visitors alike to feel as safe as possible and highlighted a number of standards, some already implemented and some new, that aim to make downtown one of the safest cities around. This includes:

  • Implementing permits for restaurants and bars to extend alcohol service hours into the night.

  • Enforcing security requirements for restaurants to qualify for permits, enhancing safety protocols.

  • Establishing a specialized patrol unit and DUI squad, with officers in both uniform and plain-clothes, vigilantly monitoring downtown throughout the night. Over 70 officers are actively patrolling the area.

  • Introducing a graffiti program for businesses that facilitates quick removal of vandalism upon application.

Focus #2: “Downtown for Everyone”

The downtown area has experienced a significant surge in population over the past decade, with the number of residents in Orlando doubling in size. Notably, half of this growth has occurred in the last six years. 

Therefore, the city has become more laser-focused in their efforts to enhance housing accessibility and affordability for old and new residents all over Orlando. Here are just some of the residences that are renovating or actively offering brand-new residences very soon:

  • 462 new high-end apartments at Society Orlando 

  • 400 new apartments at The Commons

  • A new SunRail station will be accompanied by 234 multi-family units at The Edge, enhancing both transit options and residential availability

  • 1300 varied residential units to be built around Orlando 

  • Constructed 16 single-family homes and incorporated more affordable housing units, including 300+ units in Creative Village and 200+ units in Parramore Oaks

  • Efforts are underway to rehabilitate 80 homes in Parramore, ensuring improved living conditions for its residents.

  • 200 affordable housing units for seniors in South Eola District 

Focus #3: Diverse Economy

Orlando stands out as a top city for remote work, with nearly 20% of its population working from home. 

The Mayor envisions a downtown with a more diverse workforce and aims to adapt the city to the evolving needs. This involves leveraging private sector innovation, making meaningful collaborations that solve challenges, and shaping downtown as a unique neighborhood.

Here are some of the city’s recent initiatives and advances in bringing more jobs in and stimulating the local economy: 

  • The city is introducing "ArtSquare," a new park featuring a café, performance stage, and rotating food trucks, emphasizing local artistic talent and providing a creative space for residents and visitors.

  • Plans are underway to transform the Bob Carr Theater into a "town square for tech," a $30 million project set to redefine Orlando's technological landscape, potentially completed by 2027.

  • The Downtown Arts District secured a significant grant, enabling the creation of a courtyard project, converting underutilized spaces into vibrant hubs for the community.

  • Debary, a neighboring city, has allocated funds for a $100 million downtown project, introducing 470 new apartments and enhancing the city's urban environment.

  • Planned upgrades for the Amway Center and Camping Stadium, ensuring the city's continued appeal as a sports destination.


Orlando's downtown is undergoing a transformative phase, embracing inclusivity, artistry, and economic growth. Initiatives targeting homelessness, extensive housing projects, and strategic corporate partnerships are shaping a vibrant urban environment. With a focus on remote work, innovative spaces like "ArtSquare," and creative initiatives, Orlando is redefining its identity. The city's commitment to diverse community projects, corporate collaborations, and artistic ventures is making it a dynamic neighborhood for all. 

Downtown Orlando 

Downtown Orlando stands as an epicenter of culture and innovation. With its iconic skyline and kept streets, the city is synonymous with modern urban living. The area holds diverse dining, art, and entertainment options, reflecting the city's dynamic spirit. From community initiatives to economic growth, downtown Orlando is a testament to progress and inclusivity. Looking for homes in the area? We can help you narrow your search!


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