What Residents Wish They Knew Before Moving to Orlando

When you don’t live somewhere, it’s hard to imagine exactly what it will be like when you get there. There have been a lot of new residents in Orlando and its surrounding areas, with so many that came here with many unanswered questions that only an Orlando resident would know after living here for some time. We polled quite a few people over the past month, so here’s a list of what residents wish they knew before moving to Orlando.

1. Weather

Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida is known for sunny days all throughout the year. The weather is one of the top things that individuals wish they knew more about before moving to Orlando. There are an estimated 240 days of sunshine annually, with intermittent rain in the Summer. Surprisingly, Orlando rarely ever hits 100 degrees due to the ocean breeze and humidity. However, don’t let this fool you because even though it can be low 90’s, the heat index can make it feel in the 100’s during some of the hottest days. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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Following the weather, hurricanes are always a major concern for those first moving to Florida. Recently, we just had Hurricane Ian travel across Florida and through Orlando. With it being the fourth most costly hurricane to date in Florida history, thankfully Orlando didn’t suffer too much due to the area being more inland. Flooding can still be a major concern however, depending on what lakes or bodies of water your home is near.

2. Toll Roads

With only 25 states containing toll roads, Florida has one of the highest numbers of toll roads in the entire country. Although we may have the most, they are certainly not the most expensive, with states like North Carolina, California, Texas, and Virginia containing much higher toll costs.If you’re interested in what your average commute may cost you, www.cfxway.com can tell you exactly how many tolls and how much your trip will be. You can also view a map of all Florida toll roads here. If you purchase an E-Pass or SunPass, you can load money onto this and in turn will give you up to a 50% discount on tolls.

Image by Florida’s Turnpike

There are definitely other roads you can take to avoid tolls, but keep in mind these may double your trip time depending on which area you are traveling to or from.

Image by Politico.com

3. Politics

A lot of individuals moving, or are considering moving, to Florida think that it is a very “red” state. However, all of the major cities in Florida including Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee are very “blue”. Considering the population in each major Florida city, and the amount of “red” all around these, our state is a pretty even balance when it comes to political affiliation.

With residents from all over the world, Orlando is filled with a lot of diversity and viewpoints, making it such a unique and wonderful place to call home.

4. The Wildlife

In addition to all of the gator sightings that Florida is known for, there are so many other creatures roaming around Orlando and Florida in general that some may not expect to see. These can include deer, turtles, turkey, bats, armadillos, bears, boar, snakes, bobcats, peacocks, squirrels, and more! There are also so many more unique animals located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and wildlife rehabilitation and rescue centers such as Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge.

5. Homeowners Associations (HOA’s)

A homeowners association is essentially a governing body in your neighborhood that ensures each home is to a certain standard. This includes keeping your driveway and mailbox clean, making sure your bushes are trimmed, and even determining what color you can paint your house. Most of the up and coming neighborhoods and resort-style areas have an HOA, which is an extra monthly cost. However, there are homes in Downtown Orlando and surrounding areas that standalone and don’t contain this extra cost.

6. Things To Do

There really is a never ending list of things to do in and around Orlando. Being the theme park capital of the world, Orlando offers Walt Disney World, Universal, Seaworld, Gatorland, and more for theme park lovers. For those who want to be close to nature, there are also many lakes where you can paddleboard and kayak, or play golf on the numerous golf courses in the area. 

The Amway Center hosts 200+ events annually, including concerts and sporting events. Orlando is also home to the University of Central Florida. Here, you can watch their college football team play in the Fall, then baseball and golf teams in the Spring.

7. Demographics

Florida may seem like it would be full of retirees looking to live in this popular vacation spot. However, there is actually a good mix of younger and older individuals throughout Orlando. Disney brings a lot of students for the Disney College Program, and likewise with new students at UCF, from all over the country. A lot of these young adults then decide to stay in Orlando after their program/degree due to all that Orlando has to offer. Whatever stage of life you’re in, there is bound to be something here for you; from healthcare and tech, to theme parks and beaches.

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There are always going to be questions and things you wish you knew before moving to any given area. Many of these, however, are all about experience once you get there. We hope these points helped answer some of your questions about Orlando if you’re planning on moving to the area. Check out one of our past articles on 10 things you’ll want to know if you’re looking on moving to Orlando!

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