Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant

By Kismet Kohn

If you need a date night idea, look no further! Better Than Sex is the perfect witty, romantic dessert restaurant to visit with your significant other.

The Experience

The whole restaurant is themed around its name, Better Than Sex. It offers an intimate dining experience featuring desserts and drinks as the main course. Each table has its own privacy curtain and seats no more than two to four people. 

Couple dining with falling rose petals
Four diners sitting and laughing at table

The privacy curtain adds to the intimate atmosphere, making it feel like you and your significant other are the only ones at the restaurant. The drinks and the dessert add to the experience, with rimmed glasses and generous portions. 

The Menu

The menu is the star of the show, featuring desserts, wines, beers, and coffee for those who don’t feel like drinking or want the night to last longer. 

Menu, wine glass, and plate of cake

Their fifteen-item dessert menu offers something for everyone, so don’t worry about not finding something you’ll love. The Cookie Nookie Pie is delicious and perfect if you love chocolate but don’t want it to overwhelm you. On the other hand, The Fever offers chocolate lovers a delicious dessert choice - a chocolate cake on top of chocolate pudding. The Morning After is one of my favorite desserts, featuring a Chocolate and Brie Grilled Cheese sandwich. Even if you’re just looking to grab a drink, still take a look at the menu because the dessert descriptors are witty and extremely well-written.

Blueberry dessert on plate
Dessert cake with ice cream

Most of this location’s drinks are served in chocolate and caramel-rimmed glasses, another motif inspired by the restaurant’s name.

Wine glass with chocolate rim

The wines are exquisite and range from whites to reds and flavorful to bitter. Their beers are unique to the restaurant as well, and some even include ice cream in the drink, a different and memorable experience. Cocktails and shots are also available if you’re looking for hard liquor, and each of these are (of course) a play on words.

3 drinks in tall glasses
Four fun drinks, three with whipped topping

Don’t want any alcohol? The coffees are amazing and still include the rimmed glasses, so don’t fret about missing out on the experience. If you don’t want alcohol and don’t want to be up all night from caffeine, take a look at the virgin drink menu. Most of these drinks are sodas with a twist or teas for a calmer mood.

Images by Better Than Sex Desserts


This restaurant is the prime location for a romantic and intimate date night. The waiters and menu fully commit to their act and you’ll enjoy inside jokes with your partner all night long. The desserts are delicious and unlike any other, with the drinks following suit.

Lake Ivanhoe

Better Than Sex is located near Lake Ivanhoe, halfway between Winter Park and Downtown Orlando. Right down the street is the Hammered Lamb, a unique local bar that offers specials and events almost every night. If you want to grab a real meal before going to the restaurant, check out the Greek Corner which is right across the street and offers authentic Greek food. Ivanhoe is known for its unique and indie-looking architecture, something you can’t find anywhere else in Orlando. There are apartments and houses closely nearby and Mills is right around the corner.


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