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By Yasmene Warren

Drinking whiskey is fun, but doing so in a place that specializes in it is even more fun. Luckily, there’s just the place in Winter Park for you to experience that fun feeling on your own, and it’s called Forward/Slash.

Exterior of Forward/Slash building

Image by Forward/Slash Distillery

What is Forward/Slash?

Glass of whiskey on barrel

Forward/Slash is a bar that is both a distillery and blending house located in Winter Park on South Capen Avenue, and it specializes in crafting premium blended whiskeys.

This place aims to tilt the whiskey industry forward through its passion in creating what the owners describe as “interesting whiskeys.”

What sets American Blended Whiskey apart from traditional whiskey, according to Forward/Slash’s website, is that the former only needs to have some whiskey blended into the bottle for it to be considered blended whiskey and that the majority of it can be neutral spirit or vodka. This means, a bottle of blended whiskey could be 80% vodka.

This is what sets Forward/Slash apart from other blended whiskey makers as the creators think that that’s wrong. This place only blends barrel-aged American Whiskey from only “the most passionate and talented distillers in the country.”

You can see the blending in action and catch a drink or two from Forward/Slash Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Image by Forward/Slash Distillery

The Ambiance

Pulling up to the Forward/Slash distillery, you’re met with a black garage door and a full view of where the blending happens.

Exterior of Forward/Slash at night

As you make your way into the entrance, you’ll walk through a cozy outdoor seating area and into the bar where the lights are dim and warm, and the decor screams “classy!”

Greenery sits atop the very high-up window sill, and the walls are lined with wooden decor.

Upwards view of plant wall and windows
Diners sitting at tables

Have a seat at the bar and learn how the masters themselves make magic happen with the drinks they serve!

What to Do and Drink

Because Forward/Slash is more than just any old bar, there’s a bit more to do here.

Its tasting room hours are the same as its hours of operation, and you can drop in for a tasting experience or even have this place host an event for you.

Row of glasses with whiskey for tasting

Image by Forward/Slash Distillery

You can also book a private whiskey tasting online with Forward/Slash and receive a tasting room tour, see in-depth the whiskey blending process, sample some products and do so with the company co-founders themselves for 90 minutes!

Right now, you can order half and full ounce pours of bourbon such as singular selections like MB Roland and Filibuster, as well as singular reserves like Journeyman, Breuckelen and Manifest. You can also order a bourbon flight, a rye flight or a single malt flight.

View of general menu
View of cocktail menu

As for the full-service cocktail bar, the menu is constantly changing and having new, unique creations added to it. You can order the “1st Drink on the Menu” — yes, that’s literally what it’s called — which is a vodka soda with a Florida citrus blend. There’s also the Gothic Revival, which has bourbon, acid corrected blood orange, strawberry, cinnamon, balsamic and mint.

Forward/Slash also serves a variety of other cocktails like a traditional old fashioned, a gin and tonic, and an espresso martini. There are plenty of other options, and they’re always changing, so stop in and try them for yourself!


This isn’t just some ordinary bar as it has a lot more to offer. Whether you’re booking a tour, having a blended whiskey tasting, or simply just in the mood for a good drink, Forward/Slash will leave you satisfied!

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