Healthy Italian Gelato at Gelato-go Orlando in Winter Park

By Holley Long 

It’s finally Summer, and the Florida sun is already out in full force for the season. Cool treats are a good way to beat the heat, and if you’re in Winter Park, we know just the spot! 

Gelato-go Orlando 

The first Gelato-go location opened in 2013 in South Beach, but since then more than a dozen shops have opened in Florida and California, including the one on Park Avenue in Winter Park. The Orlando-area shop, which opened in 2018, is bright and spacious with fun decor, including a wall of brilliantly colored gelato spoons. 

As for the gelato, you’ll find healthier options here than you might at other ice cream shops. The base is made daily with fresh ingredients imported from Italy, and all over the world. The milk used also does not contain artificial hormones or antibiotics, according to the Gelato-go website. 

“Basically, the gelato is more natural,” said Luisana, a manager at Gelato-go Orlando. “All of the ingredients that we use are natural. It doesn’t have a lot of sugar or a lot of fat, and also doesn’t include any egg yolks.” 

And the healthier product is well-recognized. In 2019 and 2021, Gelato-go Orlando won the Best Dessert category of the Best of Winter Park awards, and the shop was a finalist in 2020 and 2022. 

The Flavors

At Gelato-go Orlando, you’ll find a full range of flavors of gelato and sorbet to choose from, including traditional Italian flavors like stracciatella, Amarena cherry, and pistachio, as well as classic flavors like cookies and cream and mint chocolate chip. 

Order a cone or cup, and don’t be shy about mixing flavors. I asked about the best combinations and landed on tiramisu and stracciatella, an incredibly sweet treat. If you’re looking for something light and fruity, though, the yogurt and tangerine sorbet flavors pair well, too.   

Other Treats 

Besides gelato and sorbet, Gelato-go Orlando has a glass case full of pastries for sale, like cannolis, cheesecakes, and mini pies. Some of the pastries are made in-house, but most come from other vendors in the area. 

“We try to give the opportunity to local producers to bring their products here,” Luisana said. “Then we put them over here so they have the opportunity to sell it to the public.”

And if you need a caffeine boost, Gelato-go has an array of coffee drinks on the menu, and I can personally attest that the affogato (which I ordered with vanilla gelato) is not only beautifully crafted but amazingly delicious. Enjoy it in the shop or order it to go so you can stroll through Park Avenue with a cool treat in hand. 


There’s so much to enjoy on Park Avenue, from boutiques, stores, and restaurants offering many different cuisines. Whether you’re there for a shopping spree or date night dinner, it’s worth stopping by Gelato-go—you might just find your favorite dessert location for the summer!

Thank you Gelato-go Orlando for hosting us, and letting us visit your location! The gelato was so delicious and we can't wait to go back for more!

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