Lake Nona: Orlando, Florida Like You’ve Never Seen Before

By Yasmene Warren

Everybody knows how big Orlando is, and despite how much we talk about it — it’s literally what we’re all about — it still feels like we’ve only scratched the surface of what the City Beautiful has to offer.

Let’s pop that tourism and hospitality bubble that Orlando is known for and get into the city’s diverse economy. One region that excels in that area is Lake Nona, and we’re giving you behind-the-scenes access to what’s really going on inside.

Read along or watch the video below for more information on Lake Nona!

Behind the Gates at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Known as being what really gave Lake Nona its start comes the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club. Built in 1986 by British developers, this country club is among the top 100 golf and country clubs in the course lake nona golden hour

The Lake Nona Golf & Country Club hugs three of the region’s beautiful lakes: Red Lake, Buck Lake, and of course, Lake Nona. What keeps people coming back for more is not only its lush greenery, but also the culture and environment that the country club brings.lake nona lakes

Having a golf membership at this club makes it a one-stop-shop for all things fun. Members can enjoy social events, a kids club, pickleball, and so much more. If you’re not a fan of golf, you can opt for a social membership and enjoy all the same club amenities sans the golf playing tennis in lake nona

Currently, the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club is home to 32 professional golf players from all around the world. From 5-star conditions on the road to top-of-the-line greens from home, Lake Nona is a golfer’s heaven on Earth.lake nona golf and housing

What Makes Lake Nona the Medical City?

In 2005, Lake Nona donated 50 acres and about $12.5M to the University of Central Florida’s medical school, which later opened in 2009. This move dubbed Lake Nona the Medical City.UCF medical center in lake nona


credits: UCF


Since 2009, more of Medical City came to life with a variety of hospitals being built. From the VA Hospital to Nemours Children’s Hospital — which stands as Central Florida’s first stand-alone children’s hospital.lake nona childrens hospital

The Lake Nona Wave Hotel

Orlando is big on hospitality, but there’s one hotel within its city limits that really stands above all the others. We’re talking about Wave Hotel, a technology-driven place with spectacular destination food.lake nona exterior view

Find its lobby or “living room” adorned in an array of modern yet classy furnishings, rich wooden stairs illuminated by warm lights, and artfully decorated walls painted in striking patterns and colors.wave hotel warm stairs

There are plenty of bold sculptures and works of art strewn about that strive to invite people inside and create a warm, welcoming environment. It’s made to be more than just an amenity for hotel guests, but also a spot where locals can congregate!wave hotel lounge

At the Wave Hotel You’ll find incredible restaurants like Nami, Haven, and BACÁN. All with a top notch atmosphere and high end dining feel. Bacan restaurant



Just behind the hotel, you’ll find the famed Lake Nona Sculpture Garden, which is home to a variety of sculptures from the Lewis Collection and so much more. This garden is made up of 50,000 square feet of greenery and creativity and is a staple to the region. lake nona sculpture garden

What’s Coming to Lake Nona?

Although businesses and commerce have boomed in Lake Nona over the last few years, there is still plenty of undeveloped land available waiting for new things and opportunities.

About 405,000 square feet of land is being dedicated to new retail. It’ll be known as Lake Nona West and consist of big-box retail, restaurants, and public art.lake  nona west concept plans

There’s also the Lilium Vertiport, which is the first of its kind to be home to electric takeoff vehicles. Its developer continues to push the boundaries of tech, health, and new jobs. veriport airport lake nona

credits: Florida YIMBY

New neighborhoods are also on the rise in Lake Nona from apartment buildings to estate-sized housing. It only continues to grow, and it’s making room for Orlando lovers like yourself to call it home!lake nona houses

credits: Lake Nona


Lake Nona is just one of many regions the city of Orlando is known for, but unlike some of its neighbors, it doesn’t have a long-standing history. That’s one aspect that really sets it apart from others; because Lake Nona is newer, there’s more room for technology to develop and advance, putting Orlando miles ahead of other top tourist destinations! Looking to become a part of the growth? Our team would be thrilled to help you!


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