Updates + Revitalization Coming to Parramore and West Church Street Area

By Roger Jimenez

In a pivotal initiative led by Ryan Young and the Interstruct Build & Design team, the Parramore and West Church Street areas are undergoing groundbreaking updates and revitalization. 

The aspiring projects promise not only economic growth opportunities but also the creation of communal spaces and an emphasis on the arts that will infuse culture and color into the town.

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New Projects

Interstruct Build & Design HQ + Courtyard 

At the crossroads of W. Church St and S. Lee Ave, a forthcoming 12,000 sq ft, 3-story boutique office building is poised to redefine the area's skyline, providing a contemporary workspace within a striking structure, along with a courtyard.

mockup of interstruct hq building

Image by Interstruct Inc.

Rebuilding Black Bottom Church

In an effort to help preserve the historical significance that rests in the city of Parramore, Interstruct endeavors to resurrect the historic Black Bottom House of Prayer that is located on 921 Bentley Street, and have it remain as a historical landmark.

The goal is have the church reopened by 2025, allowing for Pastor Jackson to open the doors for the community, just in time for its centennial celebration.

Renovating Old Warehouses For New Businesses

With a nod to preserving the town's industrial heritage, Interstruct is revitalizing old warehouses and transforming them into "first-generation warehouse spaces." 

The ambitious project not only tries to honor the architectural legacy but also opens avenues for potential businesses to find a home within these reinvigorated locations.

Focus On The Arts

mockup of orlando with highlighted lines for projects

Art Cube

In collaboration with Orlando's Public Art Coordinator Pat Greene, the innovative Art Cube project is a unique venture that will feature a street art display cube made from a repurposed shipping container, offering a dynamic canvas for revolving local artists that will contribute to the town's burgeoning art scene.

The Desire Foundation Unity Mural + ART Piece

In collaboration with The Desire Foundation, Interstruct commissioned local Orlando artist Maureen Hudas and her all-female team before the pandemic to craft a stunning mural for the building that was set to become what is now the Interstruct Headquarters in Orlando.

After the HQ was built, a new Augmented Reality version of the mural was made and can be found at the same building, visible only by using a phone camera!

Creating Shared Spaces

mockup of orlando with highlighted lines for projects

West Church Corridor 

The West Church Street corridor is poised to undergo a comprehensive makeover. The ambitious vision is to convert it into an urban pedestrian shared space that aims to seamlessly connect the areas in between the major event venues of Camping World, Exploria, and Amway stadiums.

Possible plans include enhanced landscaping, dedicated bike paths, and walkable connections to local parks and green spaces, an initiative that is sure to foster a cohesive community experience.

Possibilities for Restoring Retention Pond

Addressing the ecological aftermath of Exploria Stadium's development, Interstruct is committed to transforming the flooded retention pond on W. Pine Street into a potential community hotspot. 

The ambitious endeavor could involve converting the pond into a community park, creating a tranquil yet vibrant space for locals while staying true to Interstruct’s initiative towards adaptive reuse.

Garland Ave. Patio for Cheyanne Saloon Corner

Partnering with Cheyenne’s Saloon, Interstruct wishes to breathe new life into the Garland Avenue street corner. 

Envisioned as a bustling patio and versatile space, the corner will not only serve as a gathering spot for guests but also as a lively venue for musical performances.

CityArts Courtyard 

The vision of rejuvenation extends to the CityArts Courtyard project, which seeks to bring life to dormant alleyways. 

Plans include architectural arches, immersive art installations, multifunctional event spaces, and potential solar power integration to reduce energy waste. This project holds the promise of transforming overlooked spaces into bustling hubs of cultural and community activity.


Parramore and West Church Street areas are undergoing a transformative revival led by Interstruct Build & Design. A mix of innovative projects, from boutique offices and historic church restoration to repurposed warehouses and vibrant art installations, promises to reshape the town. The focus on communal spaces, such as the West Church Corridor and a converted pond, also underscores a commitment to fostering a connected and homely community. 


Parramore is a historic community near Downtown Orlando that is currently undergoing a dynamic transformation. Rooted in a rich cultural heritage, the district is taking on revitalization projects that are embraced by the city of Orlando. From restoring historic landmarks to creating urban pedestrian spaces and fostering local art scenes, Parramore is evolving into a community that celebrates its past while embracing a bright and sustainable future.

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